Online Services

Electric Owl Works offers online services for clients whose busy schedules or distance makes it difficult for them to visit us. These services are a wonderful option for artists who have already recorded tracks in home, project, or other studios or are looking for consulting services that will provide an objective opinion and another set of ears to assist them in completing their project.

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Your track will be played back through your choice of available EOW amplifiers and recorded with up to two microphones to create completed re-amped tracks for your project.

  • 1 Track: $25
  • 6 Tracks: $125
  • 12 Tracks: $225


Your tracks will be mixed with level, pan, EQ, compression, saturation (warmth), and reverb/delay to master-ready stereo final mix and/or stems files.

  • 1 Song: $75 (16 tracks or less), $80 (32 tracks or less)
  • 6 Songs: $375 (16 tracks or less), $400 (32 tracks or less)
  • 12 Songs: $750 (16 tracks or less), $900 (32 tracks or less)

Analogue Summing

Up to 24 tracks per song of rendered/bounced files will be summed through analogue gear into your choice of either stereo final mix or up to 8 stem files.

  • 1 Song: $50 (stereo final mix), $60 (stems)
  • 6 Songs: $250 (stereo final mix), $300 (stems)
  • 12 Songs: $500 (stereo final mix), $600 (stems)


Your stereo final mix or stem files will be mastered, with optional analogue processing, into CD, MP3, or for submission to iTunes formats.

  • 1 Song: ITB: $20 (stereo mix), $30 (stems) / Analogue: $25 (stereo mix), $35 (stems)
  • 6 Songs: ITB: $100 (stereo mix), $150 (stems) / Analogue: $125 (stereo mix), $175 (stems)
  • 12 Songs: ITB: $200 (stereo mix), $300 (stems) / Analogue: $250 (stereo mix), $350 (stems)