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Payment Terms
At least fifty percent (50%) down payment is required to begin a project. The remainder, minus any applicable discounts (see below), is due upon your acceptance of project completion and prior to release of final audio content.

Coupon Codes And Discounts
If you choose to pay in full at the beginning of a project, no coupon code is required and your confidence in us is greatly appreciated!

If you elect to make a fifty percent (50%) down payment to begin a project, simply enter the coupon code EOW-DOWN-PMT before proceeding to the secure PayPal checkout. If you are making a final payment of fifty percent (50%) and not claiming a discount, enter coupon code EOW-FINAL-PMT.

All discounts must be approved by EOW prior to placing an order. Do not place an order until you have first received your eligibility confirmation from us via email. Once your discount is approved, you may place an order to begin a project. You will receive your discount coupon code after we receive your initial payment, which you may redeem when remitting the remaining project balance.

If you would like to claim a discount, please complete the EOW Discount Request Form.

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