All services require a 50% deposit to book your project on our calendar.  Completed audio will be released upon receipt of payment in full for the entire project.


Multitrack recording service

  • $50 (USD) per hour, plus travel and lodging expenses if applicable.


We mix your Mix Ready*  tracks with four included revisions.  Additional revisions/recalls are $50 (USD) per hour.

  • 1 – 4 Songs: $500 per song
  • 5 – 9 Songs: $450 per song (10% discount)
  • 10+ Songs: $400 per song (20% discount)


Your Master Ready** approved stereo mix will be mastered to it’s native audio resolution in WAV format, with two additional files of your choice, such as alternate sample rate/bit depth, MP3, etc.

  •  $20 (USD) per minute of program material


Your rendered/bounced/printed stem files of your already completed and approved mix will be summed through your choice of Neve, Tegeler, or Toft analogue equipment into a stereo mix file.

  • 1 – 4 Songs: $100 (USD) per song
  • 5 – 9 Songs: $90 per song (10% discount)
  • 10+ Songs: $80 per song (20% discount)


Your single track will be re-amped through your choice of available amplifiers and recorded with up to two available microphones to create completed re-amped tracks for your project.

  • 1 – 4 Songs: $50 (USD) per track
  • 5 – 9 Songs: $45 (USD) per track (10% discount)
  • 10+ Songs: $40 (USD) per track (20% discount)


*Mix Ready
is defined as:

  • Audio files are named in accordance with our naming convention
  • Mono tracks are submitted as mono audio files
  • Stereo tracks are submitted as stereo files
  • Submitted tracks are “dry” and do not contain any type of processing applied after recording unless other prior arrangements are agreed to
  • Submitted tracks have complete3d production edits, which include:
    • Tracks have been time-aligned and corrected
    • Tracks have been tuned and pitch-corrected
    • Completed comps of multiple takes and/or sources with multiple tracks from multiple microphones
    • Tracks have been edited to remove any errors you do not want in the final mix
  • Tracks that are not mix ready will not be mixed
  • We are happy to edit your tracks upon request at a rate of $50 (USD) per hour.  Tracks edited by us will not be mixed or released until the editing invoice is paid in full

**Master Ready is defined as:

  • Final mixes should be stereo interleaved WAV or AIF files
  • 32 bit floating point files are preferred, however properly dithered 16 or 24 bit files are acceptable
  • Audio files should be submitted at the sample rate at which they were mixed.  Please do not up sample or down sample the files
  • Mixes submitted for mastering should contain sufficient headroom for mastering and not be hot, heated, or faux mastered files that have been normalized or limited