Electric Owl Works accommodates live ensemble, multi-track, overdub, and voice-over recording projects. We are equipped to assist musicians on their artistic journey through exploration, experimentation, performance archival, and ultimately, to create beautiful art.  We are always on the lookout for new instruments, gear, and noise makers to add to our collection in the hopes that they will spark imagination and inspire creativity.


Re-amping can be a great solution to help musicians achieve desired tonality.  We re-amp tracks containing clean signals through real amplifiers and re-record them through select microphones to realise an authentic, warm sound. Want to re-amp with a vintage Big Muff or other effect unit?  No problem. We’ve got you covered.  Re-amping also works well with bass, harmonica, and even keyboard tracks.  Contact us for more information and online service options.


We are thrilled when musicians who record with us choose to mix with us.  We are also very happy to assist artists create memorable mixes with tracks they have recorded either themselves in home or project studios or at another recording facility.  Electric Owl Works also provides analogue summing services by processing your digital media through solid-state or valve/tube equipment.

Contact us for more information about mixing and analogue summing, including our convenient online service.


Mastering is the holy grail of the recording process.  It is the final and perhaps most important step before your music is published for your listeners to hear.  Mastering is not, however, a magic bullet and will not cure a problematic mix.  This is why seasoned musicians, engineers, and producers more often than not have historically sent their final mixes out and consulted with mastering engineers.  It allows an independent set of ears to evaluate the mix and offer additional insight that will add sparkle and clarity to your material.

Electric Owl Works provides both traditional stereo and stem mastering services tailored to ensure your music sounds its best in a variety of formats such as CD, MP3, or for submission to iTunes.  Contact us for more information including our convenient online service.